Beware of the various risks for your pet during the end-of-year holidays!


We don’t all experience the end of year celebrations in the same way: we, the owners, look forward to them, while our favorite animals dread them… Indeed, their daily lives are quickly turned upside down by new decorations, lots of movement, new noises… Enough to generate a good dose of stress for your cat or dog.


The end of year celebrations can be experienced by your pet as a real upheaval in their daily life, especially if you take them on vacation with you. Moreover, if you travel by car, remember to ensure its safety. Like all passengers in the vehicle, your pet must be secured with a special harness or be comfortably seated in a transport cage. For large formats, opt for the trunk equipped with a safety net.


The importance of updating your pet’s contact details

Unfortunately, every year, many pets run away during the end-of-year holidays, particularly because of fireworks and travel. If you leave or if you entrust your animal to a third person, remember to update your animal’s temporary contact details. If your animal runs away, you considerably increase your chances of finding it. It is often when your dog or cat disappears that you realize the importance of identification.​​​​​​​

The noise of fireworks, like all loud and sudden sounds, can cause health problems in an animal: stress, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tremors, heart problems, etc. For a dog or a cat, a Fireworks look more like an explosion than a beautiful spectacle. It is therefore important to protect your four-legged companion from this type of entertainment, at the risk of your animal running away. Your dog or cat will be more comfortable if you keep him at a distance, in a familiar space.

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