Chrysina resplendens, a real gold-colored beetle, unique in the world!


Photo credit: Gailhampshire

Native to Central America and also known as the “jewel beetle” or “shining beetle”, the Chrysina resplendens is a species of beetle that is part of the Scarabaeidae family. It is renowned for its dazzling beauty thanks to its metallic shine which also forms a combination of bright colors such as gold, azure blue or even emerald green. Let’s go and discover this small, but magnificent creature.

The Chrysina resplendens, a small beetle with dazzling beauty

This beetle is relatively small, measuring between 2 and 3 centimeters in length. Its shine is due to the microscopic structure of its exoskeleton, which acts like a prism. It reflects light to create these shimmering, shiny tones. These insects are often considered living jewels because of their spectacular appearance.

Their lifespan is short, estimated at around one year as an adult. These beetles feed on fruits, flowers or sap. In the larva stage, they develop in rotten wood or in decomposing organic matter.

A source of considerable interest among collectors, these magnificent creatures play an important role in the ecosystem by helping to break down organic matter and being a food source for other animals. We must therefore be careful not to collect them excessively so as not to threaten their population.

The secrets of Chrysina resplendens: how does it shine at night?

Chrysina resplendens doesn’t just shine in the light of day. Its brilliance persists even in the dark. Just imagine: an evening in the tropical forest where these beetles become the kings of a natural dance floor, illuminating the night with their luminous reflections, reflections which also serve to attract their partner. This makes for a lit and magnificent parade, which gives the impression that nature itself is celebrating love!

But the Chrysina’s brilliance is not limited to its physical appearance. It is an insect that also shines due to its social behavior: in groups, their glow mixes to create an even more dazzling spectacle, as if a natural disco ball was suspended in the air!

The language of colors or the gossip of the insect world

Shining among Chrysina resplendens also serves as a means of communication. They can thus signal their presence, their availability for reproduction and even their social status thanks to the intensity of their colors.

These “luminous gossips” can convey a wealth of information in the insect world. Indeed, these beetles group together to defend food sources or cooperate to better protect themselves from predators.

Their magnificent brilliance and shine are therefore a means of coordination that helps them act together in a complex environment.

The superpowers of these mini creatures

Chrysinas resplendens are small but mighty. Indeed, beyond their beauty, these beetles have astonishing abilities. Their shiny exoskeleton not only serves to attract attention, but also to protect them from the sun’s rays, regulate their body temperature and even deter predators with dazzling reflections.

They also play a vital role in the balance of the tropical forest. Their larvae help break down organic matter, helping to recycle nutrients throughout the ecosystem. Additionally, they serve as meals for other animals, contributing to the local food chain.

Chrysina resplendens, with their metallic shine and shimmering colors, amaze those who are lucky enough to observe them. Their presence in the rainforest is much more than just a visual spectacle: it is a luminous ballet that reveals the fascinating secrets of the animal kingdom. They are ambassadors of a simple but powerful lesson: beauty is found everywhere in nature. They remind us of the importance of preserving and respecting natural diversity, encouraging us to protect these living treasures for future generations.

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