A legal tool for tracing a domestic carnivore, the electronic chip makes it possible to find the owner of an animal. However, it is not a geolocation tool.​​​​​​​

The electronic chip (or transponder) is a miniature piece of equipment implanted under the skin of a dog, a cat or a ferret, which allows it to be identified by assigning it a unique and tamper-proof identification number. Mandatory for all domestic carnivores in France, this device is often poorly known and confused with GPS-type connected objects. Beyond the legal aspect, identification constitutes a responsible act, likely to save the life of your animal in certain cases.


Predominance of the chip

Two methods coexist to identify your animal: the installation of an electronic chip or tattooing. The latter, which is not recognized for crossing borders, tends to disappear in favor of the chip which in 2020 represented 83.78% of identifications carried out. Only the veterinarian is authorized to place a chip on an animal, an act which does not require general anesthesia, is quick and painless.

The transponder or electronic chip, the size of a grain of rice, meets an ISO standard. It is implanted in the left jugular groove of the animal.

Each chip has a unique 15-digit identification number. The first 3 refer to the country code (250 for France), the next 2 to the animal species (26 for domestic carnivores), the next 2 to the manufacturer code and the last 8 correspond to the unique number assigned to a given animal.

National file

All these identification numbers are listed in a national file managed by the company I-CAD. The chip is therefore a traceability tool. Some are associated with taking temperature (thermoship) and are useful in monitoring an animal but are still not widespread.

The chip is in no way a GPS and does not allow the animal to be geolocated. On the other hand, it makes it possible to find its owner as soon as the lost animal is taken to a veterinarian, or a beneficiary, with a microchip reader. The number that appears on the reader screen allows you to find the animal owner’s contact details recorded in the I-CAD file.

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