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In reality, the term “fly” represents a category of short-winged flying insects. The house fly, very widespread in France during the hot season, is one of them.

Characteristics of flies

Flies is a name given to represent various taxa of the order Diptera. In this family, we find mosquitoes, crane flies, midges, but the best known insect remains the house fly. It is quite stocky and has short wings on which the median vein displays an upward curvature. However, the term “fly” is interchangeably attributed to many flying taxa without much distinction.

It also has two pendulums behind the thorax. This is a remnant of a second pair of wings that they had in this same place before their various mutations. Flies also have a proboscis that allows them to feed.

Contrary to urban beliefs, midges or specks are not the flies’ offspring, but a species in their own right! The life expectancy of flies depends on its type. On average, the housefly can live between 17 and 21 days (the female lives longer than the male). As for their size, this varies between half a millimeter and 8 cm.

This flying insect has been following Man for thousands of years, since he is interested in his way of life: sweat, light, food, garbage, etc. Often unloved, the fly is accused of carrying bacteria on food. In addition, it is associated with excrement and various other corpses, making it a little appreciated insect.

The different flies

The fly family includes 40 species, including:

the shit fly; the bluebottle; the little house fly; the golden fly; the tsetse fly; the mango fly; the melon fly; seed maggot; etc.

We also speak of “May flies” to describe ephemeral insects of the order Ephemeroptera. Another order, Hymenoptera, includes gall flies, sawflies and honey flies. All other flies or insects with the term “fly” in their name are not, like the piss fly which is in fact a bug!

How are flies useful?

Few know it, but certain flies are pollinators, mainly of strong-smelling flowers such as arums or cornflower. Insects of the fly family are also essential food for fish and are means of transport for pseudo-scorpions. They are the ones who bring them into homes.

Flies are useful for the elimination of organic waste and predators are useful for combating crop pests and livestock pests in a natural way. On the other hand, fly larvae raised in a sterile environment are used to activate wound healing. Finally, in certain civilizations, these are also very popular dishes!

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