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Considered a domestic animal, the goldfish, also called Golden Crucian, is the most common farmed fish. Its color and limited needs make it a perfect aquarium inhabitant.

The particularities of goldfish

The goldfish is the most popular and widespread in our aquariums, but also in rainwater ponds to limit the proliferation of mosquitoes. This freshwater species has undergone rigorous sorting to obtain individuals with bright colors and such a restricted shape. Indeed, in the wild, it is metallic gray and can reach 40 cm.

Very resistant, its life expectancy is 30 years on average. It evolves very easily in small ponds, alone or in groups. But the jar is today criticized since its size varies between 15 and 47 cm, which no longer allows it to live decently.

There are two domestic varieties, the first resembling the wild individual in its build and the other smaller, not exceeding 20 cm. Several other varieties resulting from mutations also populate aquariums, such as the telescope (with its prominent eyes), the lorgnette (whose eyes are turned upwards), etc.

The different types of goldfish

Many varieties of goldfish exist. They are the subject of mutations or crossings and selections. The most frequent changes are visible in the size of the fish and the shape of its body, but also in its color.

Here are 21 of the best-known species of goldfish:

the common goldfish (resembles the wild except for its color); the Black Moor (telescopic eyes and dark color); Bubble eye (transparent bags under the eyes); the Celestial (double tail and telescope eyes oriented towards the sky); the Comet (smaller and thinner than the common one); the Fantail (round body, high dorsal fin); the lion’s head (no dorsal fin and a large head); the Oranda (prominent head); the Perlé (large round scales); the Pompon (excrescences of the nasal tubercles); the Ryukin (double veil on the caudal fin); the Shubunkin (color red, blue, black and white); the Telescope (hypertrophied and asymmetrical eyes); the Ranchu (bloated triangular head and round back); the Panda Moor (bulging eyes and black and white); the Veil Tail (long double tail); the meteor (no caudal fin, but an anal one); the Lionchu (large body and bloated head); the fish egg (without dorsal fin); etc. The memory of goldfish

Contrary to popular belief, goldfish have a 24-hour memory. He remembers if he feels pain and knows how to interpret light signals for his meal times. It is also capable of memorizing the time at which it is powered.

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