Hunde richtig ausstellen - Nicole Röder / Isabel Weber

Showing dogs correctly – Dog News

Tips for perfect handling and optimal presentation in the ring Stuttgart. Presenting your own dog at a dog show means one thing above all: putting

Diana Tiebes - Über 125 Naturheilmittel für den gesunden Hund

Over 125 natural remedies for healthy dogs

Use medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements correctly and effectively Stuttgart. How do herbs and food additives work? When do you use them? Are there any

Shedding in dogs and cats

Shedding in dogs and cats

Things get hairy as temperatures rise.FOUR PAWS gives tips on changing fur in dogs and cats. Hamburg. Dog and cat owners may have noticed: their

Yarrah getreidefreies Hundefutter

Grain-free food for dogs and cats

Harderwijk/NL. Itching, loss of fur, indigestion or inflammation – all of these can be symptoms of food intolerance in dogs and cats. Animals with such