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Hygiene and care products are an important segment of the pet market. Choosing the ones best suited to your pet is important for their well-being and health.

Adopting a dog or a cat involves ensuring its mental well-being (attention, affection, outings, games, etc.) but also its physical well-being: by monitoring its health, feeding it correctly and providing it with appropriate care. necessary hygiene. Maintenance of the coat, eyes, teeth, ears, external and internal pest control, are part of this essential preventive health approach.

Large number of references

The pet market offers a large number of hygiene and care product references. You still need to know how to choose those that are best suited to your animal. For this, seeking advice from a professional is a useful approach. The veterinarian is best placed to recommend the most suitable products for a given animal based on its coat, its possible history of dermatosis, eye or ear conditions.

The basic kit of hygiene products includes products for the care of the coat, eyes and ears, claws and oral hygiene products. Veterinary clinics offer references in each category, available on site or to order.​​​​​​​

Pest control

They are also preferred points of sale for internal and external antiparasitic products, especially since some of them can only be delivered on prescription, therefore following a consultation with your veterinarian.

In addition to the most suitable product, the veterinarian will give useful advice on its use, compliance, especially in the antiparasitic field, being a key element in the success of the treatment.


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