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After the “Arts & Culture” app which allows a human being to find their double in a work of art, Google invents Pet Portraits! This time, it’s your pet’s turn to discover their own reflection in a work of art.​​​​​​​



Available on iOS and Android, this new feature of the “Arts & Culture” app allows you to find the animal that most resembles yours in a work of art. Google uses artificial intelligence to compare the portrait of your four-legged friend to those that can be admired in historical works.

Pet Portraits is available for dogs and cats, as well as fish, birds and other reptiles. The new functionality analyzes the submitted photo (taken at the moment or already present in your photo album) and finds the similarities of the image in a painting, an engraving or a sculpture. It compares the photo of your animal to more than ten thousand works of art.

Once your animal has been identified in a work, you will be entitled to different explanations about the painting itself as well as its author. And finally, Google invites you to share your photos on social networks!

Star Animal, animal portrait

For once, Google was beaten by the Franco-Belgian Philippe Tyberghien! This artist and graphic designer opened in 2009. This site, dedicated to anthropomorphic animal portraits, is a real art gallery. The artist offers professionals as well as individuals the opportunity to create the portrait of their animal that best suits them. It has several collections with very varied styles: contemporary, black and white, classic… For each order, the artist donates 10 euros to animal protection associations.

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