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ADAC: Comprehensive travel protection for pets too

  • Coverage of treatment costs for dogs and cats when the animal owner is abroad
  • Special rates for ADAC members

Munich. ADAC's international health insurance already offers proven protection for travelers who fall ill while on vacation abroad. However, the many millions of pet owners find themselves in trouble when their four-legged friends are injured or unexpectedly ill while their owners are on vacation. It is not uncommon for the trip to be cut short out of concern for their loyal companion.

Both when animals accompany their owners and when the pet stays at home, the ADAC now offers comprehensive cover with its pet travel insurance.

A look at the numbers shows how great the need is: In 2022, around 15.2 million cats lived in German households alone, and one in five of the more than 41 million households in Germany has one or more dogs. (statistic 2024). In many cases, animals accompany their owners on vacation abroad: In a recent ADAC survey on traveling with dogs, 85 percent of pet owners said they take their four-legged friends with them on their trip.

Sascha Herwig, board member of ADAC Versicherung AG: “Traveling with pets is a big issue and there is currently no good offer for pet owners that includes their four-legged friends. We take the need for comprehensive insurance when travelling abroad seriously and therefore consistently cover this case as well. After all, animals are loyal companions to their owners and can take their toll emotionally and financially. We do not leave our customers and members alone with this.”

Product range
The new ADAC pet travel insurance offers tailor-made cover for dog and cat owners in the event of illness or injury to their pet. It offers reimbursement of costs for necessary veterinary outpatient and inpatient treatments with no deductible, with a free choice of veterinarian.

Pets that stay at home during the vacation, for example in a kennel, are also covered: they are also insured while the pet owner is abroad. And if, in the worst case scenario, the vacation has to be canceled because the pet dies in Germany or has an urgent, inpatient operation, the ADAC pet travel insurance will reimburse the costs of canceling the stay abroad.

If an animal has an accident abroad, the costs for search, rescue or recovery will also be covered under the conditions.

The insurance is available from 49.50 euros per year and per animal and can be taken out for dogs and cats under eight years of age. The protection takes effect immediately after the policy is taken out and is valid for the first 63 days of each stay abroad by the animal owner.
Detailed information on the scope of services is here listed.

Good to know when traveling abroad with pets: entry requirements for EU and non-EU countries.

The proven ADAC international health insurance is available from just 16.40 euros. Further information on the scope of services and conditions is available here available.

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