Daily grooming as reliable tick protection

Be faster than the tick

Hattersheim/Main. Dogs and cats are just as happy about the first warm rays of sunshine in spring as we humans are. What's less nice is that the ticks then become active again. If dogs and cats roam along grass or bushes, the tiny pests transfer to the fur and ultimately bite into the skin. A natural protection here is to search the fur. Grooming solutions from Oster™ Animal Care Products support pet owners in this regard.

The bite of a blood-sucking tick seems harmless at first. But ticks can transmit diseases through their saliva, such as Lyme disease or TBE. Since the pathogens are usually only transmitted after a few hours, it is important to remove the pest from the skin as quickly as possible. In the best case scenario, pet owners find the tick before it bites. A very effective and, above all, natural tick protection is to search the fur after a walk. Not only do you do something for the animal's health, but you also offer your four-legged friend an hour of pampering.

Tick ​​searching becomes a nursing lesson
In order to find the little pests even in the thick fur, the pet owner parts the fur and also feels the skin with his fingers. Combs and brushes with stainless steel teeth, such as the Premium Comb Set and Premium Brush with Metal Bristles from Oster™ Animal Care Products, part fur quickly and easily. At the same time, the fur of the four-legged friends is untangled and made to shine.

Many pet owners are convinced that their fur should be sheared. Not only can ticks be found more quickly in shaved fur, everyday fur care is also easy in spring and summer. Another positive effect pet owners say is that their animals feel more comfortable in high temperatures. With four attachment combs, the dog owner can determine the length of the coat themselves with the pet clipper set from Oster™ Animal Care Products. If you don't want to have to completely shear, you can use the mini trimmer from Oster™ Animal Care Products to trim parts of the fur where ticks tend to attach themselves, such as the underbelly, ears and face.

Tick ​​tweezers are part of the basic equipment
No pet owner can completely prevent a tick from biting. That's why tick tweezers or tick cards should be part of the basic household equipment. Every dog ​​owner knows his favorite method as to whether it is better to twist the tick out or pry it out. The only important thing with both methods is that the head is completely removed. It is therefore advisable to place the pliers deep on the skin. Under no circumstances should pet owners drip oil, glue or anything similar onto the tick; under this stress the tick would only release more saliva.

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