Dog abandoned at Dortmund main station – federal police take care of the animal

Dortmund (ots). On Thursday afternoon, May 2nd, an unknown person is said to have left his animal behind near Dortmund Central Station. The federal police took care of the little dog.

At around 2:30 p.m., a 51-year-old went to the federal police station at Dortmund main station. The German woman stated that a dog had been tied to the bicycle racks near the post office on Kurfürstenstrasse for two hours. The animal is very frightened and is biting. Federal police forces went to the small dog, which growled and bit the air when approached. The officers looked after the four-legged friend and provided him with drinking water. They then informed the Dortmund fire department about it. They secured the animal and took it to a transport box.

The fire department then took the apparently abandoned dog to an animal shelter. The federal police initiated an investigation into the unknown owner for violating the Animal Welfare Act.