Puppy travels in the engine compartment from Romania to Lübeck

Lübeck (ots). On the night of May 3rd to 4th (Friday to Saturday) The Lübeck – St. Lorenz North police were alerted by two callers who heard dogs whining from the engine compartment of a car. On site (Lübeck – St. Lorenz North) A dog was freed from the engine compartment of the car. According to the vehicle owner, the dog must have “got on” in Romania. The dog was handed over to the “animal taxi”.

Reports were received by the police at 12:48 a.m. on Saturday, May 4th. Accordingly, the callers heard dogs whining from a parked car. The dispatched crew checked the interior of the vehicle using flashlights. No animal could be found there.

After another whining noise was heard and it seemed to be coming from the engine compartment of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle was identified. He explained that he had just arrived from Romania by car and agreed to view the vehicle together.

At the scene, after opening the hood, a small black dog was found to the left of the engine block. After dismantling a hose, the puppy was freed. The animal suffered from tick and flea infestation and appeared weakened. The dog was handed over to the “animal taxi” and then taken to a specialist facility.

The vehicle owner stated that he had heard whining in Romania. However, he didn't think anything of it and didn't assign it to his car. It can therefore be assumed that the dog was already sitting in the engine compartment in Romania.