Grain-free food for dogs and cats

Harderwijk/NL. Itching, loss of fur, indigestion or inflammation – all of these can be symptoms of food intolerance in dogs and cats. Animals with such symptoms often have an allergic reaction to the gluten contained in the grain. In order to provide relief to affected animals, pet food manufacturer Yarrah has both dog and cat food in its repertoire that does not contain grain. But even for animals with no apparent intolerance, more and more owners are choosing a grain-free recipe for their furry friends' diet.

The company offers both wet and dry food for dogs that does not contain grain. In the classic grain-free dry food, Yarrah uses organic chicken, MSC fish, peas and algae. This offers a particularly high protein content and is therefore suitable for particularly active dogs or young dogs in the growth phase. For four-legged friends who have difficulty tolerating both animal protein and wheat, there is the vegan organic dog food Vega Wheat-Free without wheat. A selection of different types of wet food and a grain-free snack are also available.

Cats have the choice between two different types of dry food. In addition to the normal grain-free food, there is a grain-free food with a specially adapted recipe for sterilized velvet paws. It has a lower fat content and is enriched with L-carnitine, which promotes fat burning, as neutered and neutered cats often tend to be overweight. The new recipe supports the metabolism and offers an optimal fat-protein balance – thanks to the high fiber content, it keeps you full for a long time. This means the cats can easily maintain their weight without having to go hungry.

For over 25 years, Yarrah has not used broiler chickens or other meat from large farms in its dog and cat food. The products are free from chemical antioxidants, artificial fragrances, colors and flavors, refined sugar and genetically modified ingredients. The nutrition of the processed chickens, cattle and turkeys also plays an important role for the Dutch manufacturer. The quality manager personally checks the conditions on site and selects suppliers carefully and based on the latest findings. Yarrah also refrains from animal testing. Since this approach goes beyond the standards of the Dutch organic farming organization “Skal”, Yarrah carries various organic certificates and seals of approval for animal welfare.

About Yarrah Organic Food Petfood BV
Yarrah was founded in 1992 and is one of the pioneers of organic pet food. Yarrah stands for high quality, natural and certified organic feed for dogs and cats from sustainable production. Yarrah's wide organic range includes 34 products: from wet to dry food, paté bowls, various snacks and treats to cat litter. The manufacturer also offers vegan and grain-free products at. Yarrah wears these biological certificates “European organic quality seal”, “EKO quality seal” as well as the “AB logo” and “organic seal”. Even with those Seals of quality for animal welfare Yarrah can adorn itself: “Beter Leven”, “pet food without animal testing” and the “MSC seal of quality”. In addition, the food expert offers vegan or vegetarian dog food with its “Vega” series and is certified for this by the “Vegetarian Society” and the “Vegan Society & EVU”.

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