Dog food with only one protein and one carbohydrate source

A HUNDRED percent joy of life – even for food-sensitive dogs

Kevelaer. By reducing the ingredients to just one animal protein and one carbohydrate source, the dry and wet food products as well as the snacks in the mera pure sensitive line stand out from the competition and are particularly suitable for dogs that have intolerance to certain ingredients – because fewer ingredients also means less allergy potential. This means: All products in the line only contain one animal protein and one carbohydrate source – so the food contains fewer ingredients with allergy potential. mera also avoids sugar and soy as well as colors, flavors and preservatives, which are difficult for many dogs to digest. Pure sensitive offers an uncomplicated and proven solution for dog owners who are looking for allergy-friendly and easy-to-digest food.

HUNDRED percent pure joy of life –
Real stories on the packaging and fun-loving media campaign
The campaign, which the family business mera from Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine is running on its social media channels and in print advertisements, also scores points with real stories from dog owners and their pets. Some of them have made it onto the packaging of the products, which ensures a high level of recognition at the PoS. For example, customers learn about the huskies Beast and Lou, who suffered from poor housing conditions and neglect before they found a loving home and lots of cuddles with their current master Ben. Or from Labrador Anton, who conquers every hill while downhill biking with his owner Laura, and from Labradoodle Shakti, who explores the glamor world alongside his owner – his owner Conny is an assistant director and always takes her furry friend with her to the set. mera pure sensitive impresses with authentic stories from real people who stand behind the brand out of conviction. Customers can find out more about the faces of pure sensitive on the mera homepage.

mera pure sensitive is available in the mera online shop at shop​.mera​-pet​food​.com as well as in specialist retailers and online marketplaces.

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