Dog language course by Martin Rütter – Body language and communication

Munich. Are dogs always friendly when they wag their tails? Is the dog yawning because it is tired? Why do dogs bow to other dogs? Dogs do not speak with words, but their communication with each other and with us humans is varied. Through the smallest changes in posture, facial expressions and vocalizations, they reveal how they are feeling at that moment.

Martin Rütter and Andrea Buisman explain all facets of dog language and its importance when dogs meet us humans. From the use of body language to facial expressions and vocalizations, they show all facets of communication and manage to raise awareness of one's own way of expressing oneself and to sharpen one's eye for the signals of dogs.

About the author
Martin Rütter, Germany’s most famous dog trainer, founded his “Center for People with Dogs” in 1995 and developed the training philosophy DOGS, with which he also campaigns in the media for a better human-dog relationship.

To the speaker
Peter Veit can be heard regularly on BR programs, including as a newsreader and trailer voice. He reads audio books and has worked as a speech coach for more than ten years.

The audio book is available on www​.usmau​dio​.de and everywhere for download and streaming.
Content: abridged reading, 269 min.
ISBN: 978−3−8032−8727−4
RRP: 19.99 euros

The book was published by KOSMOS. The SPIEGEL bestseller is available there in a revised edition.