WUFFOLOGY – Understand your dog

Natural approaches in daily dog ​​training –
for puppies and adult dogs

A dog is part of the family. He is our best friend. Unfortunately, we often do not understand how he communicates with us. In her book “Wuffologie”, Sandra Bucher succeeds in explaining the different sensory perceptions and communication between humans and dogs and humorously clears up the confusion that arises from the typical “dog tells – humans do not understand”.

The passionate human-dog behavior consultant and dog observer gives tips on how to sustainably improve the “conversation” between dog and human. It goes without saying that not everything always goes smoothly and that there is often a smile to be found. And that is precisely why this “Wuffology” is worth reading and entertaining.

Sandra Bucher's book “Wuffologie” reflects her deep insights and extensive knowledge of the world of dogs. “Wuffologie” delves deep into the importance of effective communication, an area that people often have to understand and learn first. With her book, Sandra Bucher wants to give dogs a voice by explaining how dogs perceive commands and why it sometimes takes longer for them to be able to implement our wishes.

“Wuffologie” is an indispensable work for all those who want to better understand their four-legged friends and communicate with them on a deeper level.

About the author
Sandra Bucher has been an avid dog owner for over ten years and shares her home and heart with two beloved dogs: a Golden Retriever named 'Lisa' and a Dachshund named 'Emma'. Her journey with these furry friends has evolved from mere companionship to a profound understanding of the complex worlds of dog behavior and the importance of optimal nutrition for dogs. Sandra Bucher has turned her passion into her mission and is now a recognized dog behavior consultant specializing in the individual behavioral needs of four-legged companions. She helps dogs overcome fear and aggression and improve their social skills to promote harmonious coexistence with their owners.

She has also expanded her expertise to include dog nutrition and is convinced that a healthy diet is essential for a pet's well-being. She advises dog owners on the selection of suitable, species-appropriate food to ensure that their dogs receive the best possible nutrition.

Her commitment also extends to the use of natural remedies as a canine therapist to improve the overall well-being and health of pets. Sandra Bucher offers customized solutions and holistic wellness approaches and has also developed a collection of eco-friendly pet accessories to ensure the comfort and safety of animals.

Sandra Bucher believes that the key to a fulfilling relationship between dog and owner is effective communication. She offers comprehensive training programs that help dog owners better understand and connect with their furry companions. For more information, visit www.a‑dogslife.com.

Sandra Bucher
Understand your dog
Natural approaches to daily dog ​​training – for puppies and adult dogs!
156 pages
with cartoons by Björn von Schlippe
ISBN: 9798884226258
Price: 19,90 euros