“DHDL” deal: The “dog walk” convinces Nils Glagau

“Hunderunde” supports street dogs in Romania

Langenfeld/Troisdorf. Luis Kesten and Fabio Lehnert are committed to animal welfare with their start-up “Hunderunde”. Since it was founded in 2019, they have already been able to donate more than 200,000 euros to animal welfare projects. They have now convinced Nils Glagau with their vision. In the last episode of the current season of “Die Höhle der Löwen” the investor succeeds in making another deal.

The idea for the start-up “Hunderunde” was born in a pizzeria
During a long trip through Asia, Luis was able to see the problem of street dogs with his own eyes for the first time. Back in Germany, he discussed it with Fabio in a pizzeria and it quickly became clear: the two wanted to make a difference. At the age of 22, the two friends founded the start-up “Hunderunde”. They wanted to build something long-term and sustainable and accompany dog ​​owners in their everyday dog ​​life. At the same time, their vision was to be able to donate part of the proceeds to various animal welfare projects. And with success: Since the company was founded, they have been able to donate more than 200,000 euros to animal welfare projects and, among other things, finance an animal shelter in Romania.

Five percent of net sales are donated
But how did they do it? In the online shop at www​.hun​de​run​de​.shop you can buy bracelets suitable for different dog breeds. This gives buyers the feeling of always having their own dog with them. On the other hand, with their “dog treats” they offer ideal snacks for allergic dogs: without animal protein, grain-free, low-fat and vegan. Five percent of net sales are then donated. At the same time, they want to use social media to educate people about the situation of street dogs in countries like Romania. To do this, they themselves are on site several times a year.

With investor Nils Glagau and his team, Luis and Fabio want to expand their product range in the future: “We are really pleased to have found the right lion for us in Nils. In the past few months we have already been able to achieve an incredible amount together. In the future we want to focus even more on the snack area. Because: animal welfare begins in one's own bowl. We want to show that our economic system can be a major driver for making positive changes in the world,” say the two founders Luis and Fabio.

Nils Glagau is also proud of the deal: “Luis and Fabio absolutely impressed me with their pitch and their vision and are an ideal founding duo for me. I am proud to now be able to continue their authentic story together. Together with my team and Luis and Fabio, we have a lot planned for the future.”

Nils Glagau received 20 percent of the shares in “Hunderunde” for 100,000 euros.

Photo: © RTL/Bernd-Michael Maurer