Makes dogs’ tails wag: Pet food supplements from Zesty Paws

Since May 16, 2024, Zesty Paws' award-winning and veterinarian-recommended* pet food supplements in treat form for dogs have also been available in Germany. The products of the world market leader for dog food supplements are available in the Zesty Paws online shop, at zooplus and Amazon.

Just as many people take supplements, pets can benefit from additional supplements. Zesty Paws are easy-to-administer soft chews that can be fed once a day as a treat for consistent results. Over 90 percent of UK vets recommend Zesty Paws supplements*. Zesty Paws products are made with clinically proven ingredients, minerals and vitamins, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and provide health benefits in every treat. From seasonal allergies and immune system support to hip and joint mobility and probiotics, there are products to suit many health needs, breeds and life stages. Zesty Paws offers the best of both worlds: a delicious dog treat with all the benefits of a supplement.

Dog parents have a very special relationship with their four-legged companions because they are not just pets, but also part of the family who bring joy and zest for life to the relationship. And not only that: their boundless energy and friendship means that dog parents cover many kilometers every week with their furry companions. So they really deserve something “paw-smooth”.

ZestyPaws Senior Advanced Allergy & Immunity ChewsGuided by the intimate relationship between a dog and its parent, Zesty Paws knows that rewarding dogs with delicious and nutritious supplements is a very special moment that strengthens this unique bond. Therefore, all of the high-quality and tasty treats in the range are developed to support the health of dogs and ensure that they remain fit, happy and energetic for years to come. Sophie Lacroix, General Manager EU and UK Zesty Paws, says: “The launch in Germany is a huge milestone for Zesty Paws Europe, as our range of premium pet supplements is now available nationwide at zooplus and Amazon. These partnerships allow us to further advance our mission to improve the wellbeing of pets everywhere with high-quality and functional supplements that, as many dogs around the world prove to us every day with their reactions, are also delicious. We believe that every pet deserves only the best and work every day to make this wish a reality by offering first-class products that now also improve the lives of pets in Germany.”

Expanding into Europe, with Germany as one of its core markets, secures Zesty Paws' position as a global leader in pet supplements. As a certified B Corp company, Zesty Paws prides itself on meeting the highest standards in all areas. But ultimately, it's the reviews from dog parents that make dogs all over the world wag their tails. With over 350,000 5-star reviews** and counting, the company is fortunate to let its customers speak for themselves. Zesty Paws is a brand of H&H Group UK.

Further information is available at zes​typ​aws​.de.

*Source: Kantar survey (March 2024) of 80 UK canine and feline veterinarians, commissioned by HH Global. Respondents who answered 'probably' and 'definitely recommend'.

**Ratings and reviews based on all Zesty Paws® supplements on ZestyPaws​.com via Power Reviews, Amazon and Chewy in the U.S. as of June 21, 2023.

Photos: © Zesty Paws

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