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TASSO lists the benefits for humans and animals

If the colleague wants to, he or she can do so. Then they are briefly petted and scratched and the working day begins with a smile. The animal welfare organization TASSO eV knows from its own experience that office snouts, however different they may be, create a more positive working atmosphere and therefore calls on employers to allow more four-legged friends into the office.

Office dogs have been part of everyday working life at TASSO since it was founded more than 40 years ago. “Over the years, we have only had positive experiences with our employees being allowed to bring their dogs with them,” says TASSO director Philip McCreight. “It is important that both the needs of the animals and those of the colleagues are taken into account and reconciled. Of course, this is not always possible, but if the workplace is fundamentally suitable, in many cases an arrangement can certainly be found that everyone can benefit from.”

Benefits for humans and animals
It has been scientifically proven that animals have a positive influence on us humans. Dogs have a calming effect, and when petted, the human body releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress, builds trust and reduces aggression. Short breaks for petting, playing and walking allow employees to consciously relax and then continue working with more concentration. The four-legged friends also promote communication among each other as a harmless topic of small talk. And the animals also benefit from the shared office hours. As pack animals, they prefer to be with their humans. The extra time together strengthens the bond between the four-legged friend and its two-legged friend. “Even people who love animals and who have previously consciously decided against having a dog due to lack of time could adopt a four-legged friend by being allowed to do so at work. For dogs from animal shelters, this could increase the chances of finding a new home,” says McCreight.

Basic rules for a relaxed coexistence
Even if the four-legged friends are an asset for animal-loving colleagues, certain basic rules should still be observed: First and foremost, the workplace must be suitable for the dog. Food processing plants are taboo. Factories that are loud and dangerous are also not the right place for a dog. In principle, the workplace should not be too busy. The dog must feel comfortable, which definitely includes a place to retreat to, access to fresh water and regular walks. The dog should neither be afraid nor show aggression towards people or other animals. If it has a friendly and not too temperamental disposition, it is the ideal office companion. A certain amount of basic training is of course part of this. It is important that all colleagues agree. Problems such as allergies to dog hair must of course be taken into account. Furthermore, proof of pet owner liability insurance and valid vaccinations are prerequisites for taking the dog to the office.

“Since there are a lot of office dogs at TASSO, we have summarized the basic rules in a dog policy, for example, so that all employees with and without dogs know what to look out for and who they can turn to if they have any questions,” explains TASSO director McCreight in conclusion.