Harmonious work-life balance with the dog in the home office

Munich. Studies show that dogs in the work environment reduce stress, promote feelings of happiness and increase job satisfaction – a plus point even for colleagues without their own pets. Animals in the office strengthen employee motivation and loyalty to the employer. This also benefits the dogs by reducing separation anxiety.

As a pioneer of the 'Pet at Work' concept and a trusted companion for animal lovers, Santévet presents innovative pet hacks that will enrich your work days and deepen the relationship with your loyal companions.

  1. Animal breaks: Regular breaks are important for both humans and animals. Take the opportunity for short walks or playtime with your pet to recharge your batteries. You can also use your lunch break to do activities together with your pet. Whether it's a short walk or playing together, this not only strengthens the bond but also promotes mental health. For example, feeding or short moments of play can be harmoniously integrated into your breaks, creating a structured routine for both you and your pet.
  2. Assigned animal area: Set up a comfortable area for your pet to relax comfortably during your work hours. This not only creates a positive environment for your pet, but also enables concentrated work.
  3. Animal-friendly work environment: Incorporate pet accessories into your workspace to create a comfortable atmosphere. For example, cozy blankets or toys can have a positive effect on your pet's mood.
  4. Common relaxation exercises: Experience moments of calm and connection by practicing short meditations or breathing exercises with your pet. The calm presence of an animal can deepen relaxation and create a positive atmosphere.
  5. Health check at work: Take advantage of being close to your furry friend to perform regular health checks, such as grooming their fur or checking their eyes and ears. This not only strengthens the bond between the two of you, but also allows for careful monitoring of your pet's health.

Santévet invites all animal lovers to try out the pet hacks presented and make the home office a place of harmony and productivity.