International Office Dog Day on 21 June

Federal Association of Office Dogs invites
for International Office Dog Day on 21 June

Berlin. On June 21st, the Federal Office Dog Association celebrates International Office Dog Day and calls on all companies in German-speaking countries to take part in this special day. The aim is to highlight the positive effects of office dogs on companies, people and dogs and to raise awareness of their benefits.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day, originally launched by Pet Sitters International, has gained worldwide recognition. Numerous studies show that dogs in the workplace reduce stress, increase productivity, and promote employee retention and recruitment. Interpersonal communication is also improved by the presence of dogs, which, if properly organized, contributes to a more harmonious working atmosphere.

Companies that would like to take part in this day can register on the website of the Federal Office Dog Association. There you will also find comprehensive information and resources for preparing for and holding Office Dog Day. Participants can download a small e-book with checklists for International Office Dog Day free of charge. All registered companies will receive a certificate of participation and can get the right outfit for the day.

“Office Dog Day offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the positive effects of dogs in the work environment and to set an example for more people- and animal-friendliness in companies,” explains Markus Beyer, Chairman of the Federal Office Dog Association. “I encourage all companies to join in and discover the advantages of a people- and animal-friendly workplace.”

For further information and to register, please visit the website of the Federal Office Dog Association at bv-bü

We call on everyone to work together to make International Office Dog Day 2024 an unforgettable event and to make the working world a little more people- and dog-friendly!

About the Federal Office Dog Association
The Federal Association of Office Dogs e. V. (BVBH) has been committed to making it easier for dogs to be accepted as full team members in offices since its founding in 2014. As a non-profit organization, the association's goal is to promote the benefits of office dogs in companies and to help integrate office dogs harmoniously into everyday working life for the equal benefit of companies, people and dogs.

Through information, scientific studies and concrete recommendations, the association supports employers, employees and people with dogs in making the positive aspects of office dogs visible, identifying obstacles and presenting them to a broad public.

The BVBH offers training and further education as well as certification to become a recognized BVBH office dog ambassador. In addition, an audit and certification for “companies with office dogs” is being prepared to specifically respond to this demand.

The association's work aims to help companies and employees recognize and make the most of the health and economic benefits of dogs in the office to promote recovery from mental and physical illness, and to improve the appreciation of dogs in society.

The BVBH was founded in 2014 by Markus Beyer, the current chairman. The second chairwoman is Yvonne Kumar. As a non-profit organization, the BVBH is financed through donations, sponsoring memberships and training opportunities. The board members and employees work primarily on a voluntary basis to achieve the association's goals.