Martin Rütter: The puberties are on the loose!

“Roughnecks on 4 paws – with Martin Rütter”
on June 2nd and 9th, 3:45 p.m. on RTL

Cologne. When the cute puppy becomes a 'teenage dog', many dog ​​owners need help. Six families with bullies provide an insight into everyday life with their four-legged teenagers. Coaches from Martin Rütter's dog schools visit them and give them help for a better coexistence. Martin Rütter comments on the animal's turbulent everyday life and even visits a bully personally.

All six have it all and have a lot of work in store for the coaches
Recently she was a cuddly puppy, now eight-month-old 'Paula' is mixing (Medium Schnauzer) Birgit and Thomas Limbach's visitors on! The dog professional wants to help get 'Paula' on the right track before a full-blown problem arises. 'Buddy' (Airedale Terrier) He not only redesigns his family's life, but also the entire apartment: Ever since the male dog hit puberty, it's been pure chaos. The 15-month-old 'Hugo' takes over for the S Tauch family (Royal Poodle) Responsibility in the wrong place and threatens to get lost in everyday life with three children.

Bully Lutalo (Ridgeback) bursting with energy
For owner Sarah, walks are a real effort and dog encounters are pure stress. Martin Rütter makes his own impression on site, with the support of trainer Marcel Wunderlich. For the happiness of the entire pack, owner Sarah would first have to bury a long-held dream. How will she decide? At 19 months old, 'Ludwig' is the youngest of three Bearded Collies and is currently in turmoil. Mistress Ari would like to see more peace and quiet again – especially outside. Expert Melle Hofmann rushes to help in Swabia! 'Nukkah' (Pomsky) also really upsets her family because she refuses at every opportunity and attempts to call her back usually end in hunting games. Dog trainer Larissa Müller would like to support the family.

“Rabauken auf 4 Pfoten – with Martin Rütter” is a production by MINA TV on behalf of RTL Deutschland. Simone Brockmann is responsible for the content on the part of RTL (Head of Producers), Daniela Rückwart (producer) and Vivienne Schott, under the direction of entertainment director Markus Küttner.