Overweight dogs: achieve their desired weight with a healthy diet

Berlin. ETreats here, a large portion of food there – we often show our love for our dogs not only through petting, but also through treats. Unfortunately, this affection can sometimes lead to obesity.

Obesity in dogs is a serious problem that can affect their health and quality of life. As with us humans, a balanced diet plays a crucial role in losing and maintaining weight for dogs. By switching to a healthy diet, dogs can reach their desired weight while increasing their energy and improving their life expectancy.

The causes of obesity in dogs
Our furry four-legged friends are not that dissimilar to us humans – at least when it comes to obesity and its causes. Here too, an incorrect diet, i.e. excessive calorie intake through too much food, treats or human food, can lead to weight gain. A lack of exercise in the sense of an inactive lifestyle can also lead to a build-up of energy, which manifests itself in excess pounds. It is also possible that obesity is related to genetic predisposition. Dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Collies, Dachshunds and Beagles are more prone to being overweight than others. Illnesses such as an underactive thyroid can also lead to weight gain and it is a good idea to have this checked by a veterinarian.

The effects of being overweight
The effects of a few extra pounds are many. The extra weight puts strain on the joints, which can lead to pain, arthritis and reduced mobility. Dogs who are overweight are more susceptible to injury and may have difficulty standing up or climbing stairs. Being overweight also increases the risk of heart problems and high blood pressure in dogs. The heart has to work harder to supply the body, which can lead to serious complications in the long term. In addition, obesity is a significant risk factor for the development of diabetes in dogs. This metabolic disease requires careful control of diet and blood sugar levels. And that's not all: being overweight can also lead to breathing problems, especially in dogs with short facial bones (brachycephalic). These dogs may have difficulty cooling down, which can lead to a higher risk of heat stroke. Overall, these factors lead to a shortened life expectancy for our furry friends Studies have shown.

Recognize excess weight
As with us humans, obesity creeps in slowly, so some owners are not aware that their dog is overweight. It is a good idea to weigh your four-legged friend every time you visit the vet and, if in doubt, seek advice from the vet as to whether you are overweight or not. To see for yourself, here are some signs that may indicate a dog is struggling with obesity:

  • Tangible ribs and waist: A healthy dog ​​should have a clearly noticeable waist and ribs. If you have difficulty feeling your ribs, it could indicate too much body fat. The waist should also be visible when viewed from above.

  • Thicker stomach area: A pronounced, hanging stomach can be a clear sign of being overweight. A healthy dog ​​has a slim abdomen, while excess fat can lead to a visible belly.

Tackle obesity
In order to effectively combat obesity in dogs, it is crucial to take a holistic approach. This includes a review of the dog's dietary habits as well as implementing an appropriate exercise program. The best place to start is by reviewing your dog's feeding habits and identifying possible factors that could be causing excessive weight gain, such as portion sizes that are too large or unhealthy treats. The diet should then be adjusted accordingly by choosing high-quality, low-calorie foods and controlling portion sizes.

A BARF diet, i.e. raw feeding, is also an option here. The high protein content of BARF food supports muscle building and helps maintain healthy body fat distribution, the natural nutrients provide the dog with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health and the low carbohydrate content reduces daily calorie gain and the risk of excessive calorie consumption. At the same time, it is important to give your dog enough exercise by encouraging regular walks, active games, and other physical activities. By combining a healthy diet with adequate exercise, you can help your dog reach his ideal weight and lead a healthy, active life.

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