Toiletry bag for the dog even on short trips

Ideal care products for travel toiletry bags

Hattersheim. I pack my suitcase and take with me: a dog brush, tick tweezers, a food bowl and a food bag. This is what a vacation list could look like if dog owners travel with their four-legged friends. Whether it's a short trip or a longer trip, it's important to pack the right care products for your dog's well-being.

A short holiday with your dog by the sea is a real pleasure for owners and four-legged friends. We dig holes on the beach, play with other dogs and chase the ball in the water. But anyone who has often taken their dog to the sea knows that sandy paws and hair dull from salt water are part of everyday vacation life. That's why it's even more important to think about the care products for your dog before you start your trip – after all, the dog should not only feel comfortable, but also look good when visiting the restaurant.

Brush against fur ruffled by water and wind
The premium combination brush 2 in 1 from Oster™ Animal Care Products is therefore very good to have in your luggage. As a brush with a double head, the side with metal pins first de-mats the fur that has been ruffled by wind, sun and water. The side with soft plastic bristles is suitable for subsequent styling and makes the fur shine. Another bonus: you save space in your suitcase because you only have to take one brush with you instead of two.

Less sand in the holiday apartment thanks to paw cleaner

To prevent so much sand from being carried into the holiday apartment, it is advisable to clean the fur and paws after a visit to the beach. With the paw cleaner from Oster™ Animal Care Products this is quick and easy. The paw cleaner consists of an absorbent microfiber glove combined with an electrostatic brush. This means that not only the dog's paws and legs are quickly freed from sand, but also the stomach fur and face. The microfiber cloth can be easily removed from the handle. The electrostatic brush, which can also be detached, removes animal hair from furniture or clothing. If necessary, it can also be used as a hair removal aid. Cleaning the paws is made easier thanks to the specially developed paw channel.

Quick bathing and trimming even when traveling
The dog should smell good even on vacation, but a dog bath is not possible in most hotels or holiday apartments. The alcohol-free and skin-friendly dry shampoo from Oster™ Animal Care Products is the ideal care solution for on the go. This washing method does not require water. After washing, the dog is surrounded by a pleasant spring scent – so the visit to the restaurant can come in the evening. The wireless mini timmer from Oster™ Animal Care Products is also perfect for travel and can be used to trim legs, stomach and sensitive areas such as paws and face quickly, easily and, above all, safely. The mini trimmer is only 12 centimeters tall and weighs 80 grams without the battery. The powerful and quiet motor makes shearing pleasant for both dog and owner. With the right grooming products in your luggage, you can have a relaxing holiday for humans and four-legged friends. More information at www​.oster​ani​mal​ca​re​.de.