Barfer's “Complete Mix Horse” for dogs: hypoallergenic and DLG award-winning

Berlin. The pet food manufacturer Barfer's Wellfood is releasing the “Complete Mix Horse” product in a 500 gram pack. This expands the “Barfer's Complete” range of complete food for adult dogs. The 100 percent natural meal has been awarded the DLG seal according to the standards of the National Research Council (NRC) excellent.

Barfer's, the premium pet food brand, has expanded its range of organic, species-appropriate raw feeding. Dogs can now enjoy the “Complete Mix Horse” product. “Our new mix variety is suitable for all adult dogs without previous illnesses,” explains Norman Vogel, owner and managing director of Barfer's Wellfood. “But it is also the perfect food for dogs with allergies, as horse meat is hypoallergenic.”

Hypoallergenic means that there are few allergy-causing ingredients in the meat; Fragrances, colors and preservatives are not even found. In addition, horse meat is known for its high vitamin A content (21 micrograms per 100 grams of horse meat versus three micrograms per 100 grams of beef), rich in magnesium and sodium and also a great source of iron and copper.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Barfer's team has been busy developing “Complete Mix Horse”. The end product consists of 100 percent natural raw materials and therefore contains no additives. In addition to the recommended vegetable and fruit content – which consists of spinach, rocket, carrots, blueberries, apples and bananas – the ingredients include salmon oil, Brazil nuts, cod liver oil and seaweed meal. The “horse” component is 50 percent horse muscle meat. Other processed components from horses include: meat fat, bones, liver, heart, spleen, kidneys and lungs. “We have produced a complete feed that does not contain any mineral mix and yet has received the DLG seal according to NRC standards,” explains Vogel.

Barfer's “complete mix horse” with DLG sealThe German Agricultural Society (DLG) tests whether all the ingredients for a balanced meal are present. Not only the standard values, but also all vitamins and trace elements are taken into account. In the past, the DLG had already certified the complete meals from the Barfer's Complete series – as the first and so far only BARF products – for their outstanding physiological suitability and ease of use. Norman Vogel's 50-strong team recently had another reason to be happy: Barfer's Wellfood GmbH was the first company in the BARF industry to be awarded the DLG seal. “Our team works every day to develop, produce and ensure species-appropriate nutrition for dogs and cats,” says Vogel. “The recognition for our quality motivates us for our future projects.”

About Barfer's Wellfood
The Barfer's Wellfood GmbH team is united by their shared belief in species-appropriate nutrition for dogs and cats. The premium brand has been represented on the pet food market since 2011 and is considered one of the pioneers of the BARF movement: The young company based in Berlin develops and produces frozen products without additives or preservatives. Barfer's pays consistent attention to the quality of the goods and gives preference to regional suppliers. With around 200 products, BARF beginners and professionals will find a complete range – including the complete meals from the BARFER'S COMPLETE series, the first and so far only BARF products to be awarded the DLG by the German Agricultural Society for their outstanding physiological suitability and ease of use. Seal has been certified. In 2018, Barfer's was recognized as one of the most innovative German medium-sized companies in the “Top 100” competition.

Barfer's Wellfood employs over 50 people on 5,500 square meters of production space and operates a total of four stores in Berlin. Using optimal shipping packaging, Barfer's supplies customers throughout Germany and twelve other countries via its online shop.

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