Do not shear dogs with undercoat

Care tip from Bay-o-Pet®

Leverkusen. When summer approaches, many pet owners want to do something good for their four-legged friend and trim their fur with scissors or clippers. But be careful: dogs with an undercoat in their fur must not be clipped under any circumstances. The reason: When shearing, the undercoat and top hair are trimmed to the same length. However, since the undercoat grows faster than the top coat, it will overgrow it. The top hair cannot grow freely and becomes matted and atrophies.

Most dogs have an undercoat, e.g. B. Cairn Terrier, Fox Terrier, Chow Chow, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Collie or Bernese Mountain Dog. Only so-called “soft-haired dogs” such as poodles, Maltese or Afghan hounds have no undercoat and can be sheared without any concerns. On dogs with an undercoat, however, this must be removed from underneath by thorough brushing. Combs and brushes especially suitable for this purpose are available from pet stores. In addition, high-quality supplementary food such as Murnil from Bay-o-Pet® can support the skin's metabolism, strengthen the coat from the inside out and give the growing fur a new shine.

Dog owners who are unsure whether their four-legged friend has fur with an undercoat can seek advice from a pet store or dog salon. Further information can also be found at www​.tier​freun​de​.bay​er​.de.