For small dogs: 'InsectDog Mini' from Green Petfood

Kleinheubach. Green Petfood has been a team of real pioneers in sustainable pet food for ten years now. The brand is now pleased to announce the launch of its latest product: 'InsectDog Mini'. This special dog food was developed specifically for small and sensitive four-legged friends in order to combine a healthy diet with the important aspect of sustainability.

'InsectDog Mini' is characterized by its extra small bites that are perfect for adult, small dogs. The optimized kibble size ensures a pleasant eating experience and easy digestion – because the food fits even better into small dog mouths, bite by bite.

Naturally sustainable: insect protein
The heart of 'InsectDog Mini' is insect protein, a sustainable protein supplier. In the new dry food it is used as a monoprotein: it is the only animal protein source in the recipe. This makes 'InsectDog Mini' the optimal menu for food-sensitive dogs. The complete feed is also grain-free.

'InsectDog Mini' contains valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins that promote the well-being of small four-legged friends. The result is a shiny coat and healthy skin that makes the dog shine inside and out.

What makes insect protein so special?
The production of insect feed is far more environmentally friendly compared to the production of traditional meat feed. The insects are bred on small farms in Europe and fed with leftover food. But the production also has lower emissions of greenhouse gases compared to conventional meat feed, requires less water and land and minimizes soil pollution. And that's not all: the breeding ground on which the insect larvae grow can subsequently be reused as fertilizer, which further underlines the sustainability aspect.

Insect protein is also a high-quality and easily digestible protein source for dogs. It offers valuable fatty acids to support the animals' skin and coat as well as a wealth of minerals and vitamins. Additionally, it is a comparatively rare source of protein, making it ideal for allergic animals.

Get your bowls ready, get going
'InsectDog Mini' can be purchased online at www​.green​-pet​food​.de or at selected retailers. The Green Petfood team is looking forward to using this product to improve the nutrition and well-being of small dogs while improving the carbon footprint of our little four-legged friends.

Photos: Green Petfood

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