Comment on Dog owner goes on holiday and leaves three dogs behind by Ilka

The holiday season has not even started yet, but the first case of uncared-for animals has Noah's Ark in Styria. The volunteer animal rescuers of Active Animal Protection Austria moved out to three dogs left behind from a household. The owner had simply gone on holiday without worrying about ensuring that her animals would be cared for.


Completely dirty without food

The conditions on site were devastating: The three dogs had been locked in separate, locked rooms for days. The Food was eatenin a dog were neither food nor water no longer available. Everywhere fecespartly liquid and smelling bad, the doors completely scratched, torn rags on the floor…

The dogs are two females and one male, a husky and two Rottweilers. They were brought to Noah's Ark as quickly as possible. They are doing well considering the circumstances – but they are very scared and very thin.

Dog rescue by helpersDog rescue by helpers

The Arche animal rescuers and the team would like to thank the authorities who acted immediately in the emergency service and the police dog squad who secured the dogs with a lot of patience and loving expertise. Only by taking quick action and intervening quickly could we prevent even worse things from happening to the animals.

The three new arrivals are now receiving medical care and being nursed back to health.

What to do on vacation?

Animal shelters are often criticized for asking so many questions to prospective owners before adopting an animal. Apartment, house, job and free time play an important role in life with an animal, as the case described makes clear. After all, who will take care of the animal on vacation if it cannot travel with you? Every potential pet owner must think carefully about these and many other questions before purchasing a four-legged friend.

Photos: Active Animal Protection Austria