Comment on emergency supplies for dogs in the event of a crisis – prepare in good time! by Andrea Steinherr

Crisis preparedness for dogs

Crisis precautions must also be taken for dogs. Four-legged friends are dependent on humans and need food, water and possibly medication.


Government supplies during a crisis are primarily focused on providing for people. There are little to no resources available for dogs, as pet stores quickly sell out. It is all the more important to stock up on emergency supplies for your dog in good time.

Food supply for emergencies

The emergency stock should Food for at least ten dayspreferably four to five weeks. Since the first supply of food in a crisis is always aimed only at people, a longer care for the dog from the emergency stock.

Wet food and dry food

At the Creating a feed supply the individual preferences of the dog can be taken into account. Wet food in cans or pouches has a long shelf life. Heating before filling makes storage easy as cooling of the feed is not necessary.
Even easier is the Storage of dry foodAll you need is a dry place protected from the sun.

Emergency supplies for raw-fed dogs

It is more difficult to stock up on food for dogs that are used to BARF feeding. Raw food can be kept in the fridge for up to three days. In the freezer, of course, it will last even longer. But If the power goes out, the food spoils within a short time.
Here you have the opportunity to Half-Barf cans The food in the cans is heated briefly and therefore has the same shelf life as other wet food in cans.

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Is human food suitable for dogs?

Dogs are omnivores. The four-legged animals have been living in the company of humans for a long time. Their digestive system has adapted to these living conditions. Of course the dog can also eat human food in an emergency situation. You should just make sure that the food does not contain any spicy spices or foods that are toxic to dogs, such as onions and garlic.

How can the dog be prepared for a crisis?

To avoid any problems with feeding your dog during an emergency situation, your dog should be familiar with all types of dog food.
If the dog has already eaten dry food, wet food and freshly cooked or raw dog food, he will have no problem with the available food even in a crisis.

Natural chews have a long shelf life

Natural chews such as rabbit ears, beef lung, ox tendons or tripe sticks are air-dried and can be stored for many weeks.
Straight In a crisis situation, the dog is also under great stress. It is all the more important positive moments through rewards By chewing the snacks, the dog can calm down and reduce stress. Risk of traumatization due to chronic stress is reduced.

Water supply is important

Just like people, dogs need fresh water every day. The size of the water supply must always be individually tailored to the size and needs of the dog. Water can be bottled or canistered and stored protected from the sun.
In an emergency, the dog can also drink mineral water. The water should be poured into a container beforehand so that some of the carbon dioxide can escape.
Herbal tea can also be used as an alternative to water.

The emergency pharmacy

Dogs can also become ill or injured in a crisis. This makes it all the more important to have the appropriate medication and medical supplies on hand to care for the dog:

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Care of wounds

  • Dressing material is a particularly important part of the emergency medicine cabinet. Swabs, gauze bandages, cotton wool, elastic bandages and adhesive tape for securing dressings are required.
  • swabwhich contain hemostatic substances, can be used to treat superficial wounds.
  • Of course, the pharmacy also allows Disinfectants, Rinsing solutions, Scissors, tweezers and Tongs not missing.
  • A Collar prevents the dog from licking its injuries.
  • Silver foil can be used to cover burns.
  • One Heat blanket helps to reduce cooling in the event of shock.

Important medicines for the emergency pharmacy

Every emergency pharmacy for dogs should have a Wound ointment, eye drop, Ear cleaner, Paw balm and Animal charcoal tablets contain.

All Medicinesprescribed by a veterinarian for a dog suffering from a chronic illness should be given for at least four to eight weeks as emergency supplies be included.

In a crisis, special attention must be paid to the availability of medication Stockpiling be taken into account, as it can quickly lead to Supply shortage Not all medicines can be replaced by medicines for humans.

Fighting parasites

There is no guarantee that the dog will be able to stay in its own home during the crisis. It is therefore important to ensure protection against parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites in good time. The spot-on preparations have a long shelf life and are effective for up to four weeks after application.

Crisis preparedness: What you should pay attention to

Grooming must also take place during a crisis. Therefore, brushes and combs should also be kept in emergency supplies.
The dog's vaccination certificate and any other papers should always be stored in the emergency medicine cabinet so that they are always at hand.

Important: Food and medication should be used regularly and replaced with new products.