New VeggieDog & InsectDog wet food line for dogs

Kleinheubach. Green Petfood, the pet food brand that has stood for future-oriented food recipes for dogs and cats since 2013, presented another product innovation at Interzoo 2024: a wet food line for dogs with hearty shreds made from vegetable proteins or insect proteins in a creamy sauce. Green Petfood thus offers additional product concepts that combine species-appropriate nutrition with the important aspect of sustainability. The products are expected to be available in stores throughout Germany and in 33 countries from autumn 2024.

Just in time for the world's leading trade fair for the international pet industry, Interzoo 2024, Green Petfood presented a new, innovative product series: VeggieDog wet food as a purely vegetarian version and InsectDog as a version with insect protein. Both types of wet food are complete feed and offer a balanced, well-tolerated and tasty recipe that does not contain the addition of grain or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

“With the two new products, we are expanding our range and offering all dog owners a climate-friendly alternative to traditional wet food,” says Rafael Rybandt, brand lead at Green Petfood

After several years of detailed development and customer feedback, the desired result has been achieved in very high quality.

“In parallel with the advance of meat substitute products for human nutrition, we are proud to have also developed an end product in pet food that comes as close as possible to the sensory properties of meat,” says Rybandt. “And the high level of acceptance among our four-legged friends suggests that the animals lack nothing when it comes to taste.”

VeggieDog wet food with soy protein and carrots for healthy digestion
With the VeggieDog wet food with soy protein and carrots, Green Petfood offers all dog owners a new meat-free option. Thanks to psyllium husks and yeast, the food is also suitable for all four-legged furry friends who suffer from digestive problems. Because the recipe can help regulate digestion.

InsectDog wet food with insects supports shiny fur
For all dog owners who don't want to do without animal protein entirely, Green Petfood offers the InsectDog wet food variant with insect protein, a delicious alternative to conventional meat. A particular advantage of this new formula is that valuable omega-3 and 6 fatty acids from insects and algae oil can support healthy skin and a beautiful, shiny coat.

Particularly sustainable and suitable for allergies: alternative protein sources
The production of insect feed is far more environmentally friendly compared to the production of traditional meat feed. The insects are bred on small farms in Europe and fed with leftover food. But the production also has lower emissions of greenhouse gases compared to conventional products, requires less water and land and minimizes soil pollution. The breeding ground on which the insect larvae grow can also be subsequently reused as fertilizer.

Insect protein is also a high-quality and easily digestible protein source for dogs. It offers valuable fatty acids to support the animals' skin and coat as well as a wealth of minerals and vitamins. Otherwise, the protein source is rarely used, which makes it a suitable option for four-legged allergy sufferers.

Soy protein is also a high-quality plant-based protein source for dogs. It offers a balanced nutrient composition and is easy to digest. It also contains essential amino acids that are important for muscle building and the health of animals.

German Sustainability Prize 2024 for Green Petfood
Under the motto “Greener. Better. Together.”, Green Petfood has made it its mission to make the world greener through pet food. For over ten years, the brand has been developing innovative, sustainable food for dogs and cats with its own animal nutrition team. That is why the brand was recently awarded the most important recognition for sustainable commitment in Germany – the German Sustainability Prize 2024 in the “Feed and Pet Food” category.

“We would like to draw greater attention to the importance of innovative pet food concepts, which play an important role in a sustainable and climate-friendly future. The way we keep our pets has a major influence on our ecological footprint. A large amount of CO₂ is generated, especially during the production, transport and packaging of the feed. “That’s why we at Green Petfood are developing solutions for recipes and packaging with which we can greatly reduce the production of this harmful greenhouse gas,” says Rafael Rybandt, explaining the brand’s important mission.

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