Dog possibly poisoned in Friedrichshafen

Lake Constance district (ots). The Friedrichshafen police station is investigating the death of a dog on suspicion of a violation of the Animal Protection Act. According to the owner, the mixed breed showed severe symptoms of poisoning on Saturday, April 27th, after which she visited a veterinarian. During the treatment, signs of possible ingestion of slug pellets were discovered. Due to the injuries sustained, the animal ultimately had to be euthanized.

After corresponding residues were found on a hedge in the owner's garden on Sonnenstrasse in Friedrichshafen, but the woman herself does not use such substances, it cannot be ruled out that the poison was deliberately spread there to harm the dog. The Friedrichshafen police station is therefore asking for any relevant information about the crime and the perpetrator by calling 07541 701-0.