Study shows increasing interest in vegetarian and vegan food among dog owners

With mera 'pure green', the animal feed manufacturer
new vegan dog food with an innovative recipe

Kevelaer. With the new dog food “pure green”, mera has its finger on the pulse of the times. As with humans, animals are increasingly avoiding meat: according to a representative survey commissioned by mera from the pet food manufacturer mera from March 2024, in which 1,600 dog and cat owners were asked about their feeding habits and preferences, around 40 percent feed (39.4 percent) of the dog owners surveyed already have their dog flexitarian, i.e. both meat and vegan or vegetarian. At 64.3 percent, respondents cited the health of their beloved four-legged friend as the main reason for vegetarian or vegan feeding. In addition, more and more people are consciously choosing a meat-free diet in order to reduce the suffering of farm animals and also want this for their family dog ​​- almost half of those surveyed (48.6 percent) cited animal welfare as the reason for foregoing meat-free feeding.

Provided with all important nutrients
mera study dog ​​nutritionWhen it comes to a meat-free diet for your four-legged friend, many people are skeptical. Is such a diet really species-appropriate for dogs? Concern about a possible nutrient deficiency leaves 65 percent of those surveyed still in doubt, so they prefer to give their pet standard food – often even if they themselves avoid meat. “With 'pure green', owners don't have to worry about the physical well-being of their furry friend,” says Dr. Anika Tyrock, biologist and veterinarian at mera. Since dogs are omnivores, they have the ability to eat a plant-based diet without suffering from nutritional deficiencies. That's why there's nothing wrong with a purely plant-based diet. On the contrary – it can even promote the dog's vitality and health. 'pure green' is therefore the perfect food for anyone who wants a vegan diet for their dog or wants to feed their four-legged friend in a food-sensitive manner. The unique recipe, with predominantly regional ingredients, provides the dog with all the necessary nutrients. Since it is gluten-free and does not contain conventional plant-based protein and carbohydrate sources such as potatoes and peas, the risk of allergic reactions can be minimized. Instead, the recipe relies on higher quality nutrient sources such as oats, sorghum, sunflower protein and fava beans. This composition makes it ideal for food-sensitive dogs and ensures optimal digestion thanks to prebiotic inulin. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids ensure shiny fur and healthy skin. Beta-glucans and mannan oligosaccharides support the natural immune system.

For the love of animals, people and the environment
mera PURE GREEN 10kgIt is a fact that a vegan diet for dogs helps reduce the ecological footprint, as the production of plant proteins is often more resource-efficient than that of animal proteins. The Kevelaer animal feed manufacturer also proves that sustainability is not just a principle at mera with 'pure green'. By avoiding exotic ingredients and using a composition of largely regional, plant-based ingredients as well as recyclable packaging, a significant reduction in the CO₂ footprint is achieved. Since June 2020, mera has also been operating in a CO₂-neutral manner. The company is thus confirming its pioneering role in sustainability and is now also enabling four-legged friends to reduce their CO₂ paw print.

Since the 'pure green' packaging bears the well-known vegan label, it is quickly recognizable as vegan. It is also made of monomaterial, which guarantees easier recycling. Further information about “mera pure green” at: mera pure green vegan – mera – The Petfood Family.

FAQs 'pure green'

  • Is it possible to feed your dog exclusively 'pure green' – i.e. purely plant-based food?
    Yes, dogs are omnivores and can be switched to a purely plant-based diet without any concerns. 'pure green' offers a balanced, unique recipe that provides the dog with all the important nutrients.
  • Is there anything else that needs to be taken into account or added to the food?
    'pure green' is a complete food and has been carefully formulated to provide the dog with all the nutrients it needs. A supplement is therefore not necessary – if you are unsure or have special needs, we recommend discussing this with a veterinarian.
  • Is 'pure green' also suitable for food-sensitive dogs?
    Absolutely – 'pure green' minimizes the risk of allergic reactions in food-sensitive dogs by avoiding animal ingredients, but also conventional plant-based protein and carbohydrate sources. The plant-based proteins and carbohydrates such as sunflower protein, fava beans, oats and millet are also easy to digest.
  • Are deficits to be feared when switching to 'pure green' if the dog has previously been fed meat-containing food?
    Thanks to the careful formulation of 'pure green', switching to vegan food is safe for your dog. The vegan food from mera is designed to provide the dog with all the necessary nutrients as a complete feed. Normally the dog will not have any deficits. If you are unsure or have special needs, we recommend discussing this with a veterinarian.
  • Is 'pure green' actually sustainable?
    Yes, the production of plant-based proteins is often more resource-efficient compared to meat-containing dog food and helps reduce the ecological footprint.

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